Empower Syria's civil society now !

The clock is ticking for Syria's future generation. I am raising funds to bring young Syrian peace activists together to train them in more solid conflict resolution skills to empower the Syrian civil society and in this way counter terrorism. 

There are 16 days left and I achieved so far 17% of the goal of €10,000, which is needed to buy the flight tickets to bring these peace activists together. If I don't reach the goal, they take away 9% of the donations already made. Less money for Syria's cause!

I cannot do this without you! I need your help. In August I went to Turkey to meet Syrian peace activists and discuss what can be done. They all need so much support and love from all of us. I was surprised that sometimes all they ask is our love and understanding of their situation. That alone keeps them going and doing the great job that they are doing. So our support does count and is not in vain! They see great value in sitting together with other peace activists and learn more skills. So your support is tangible and will bring results!

The campaign Running for Peace in Syria ( will bring peace activists together to gear them with more solid conflict resolution skills so that they can go back to their local communities and strengthen and train these communities in peace-building and conflict resolution. We must act now ! No time to waste people! Three days ago, another 16 people lost their lives, including 10 children, in Choula (in the east of Syria). Every single life lost is one too much. Every single one of them is needed to rebuild the country. You can do something: help me to nonviolently empower the local communities by providing them with more and better conflict resolution skills and massively spreading compassion, good vibes and love. We need to break that cycle of violence and hatred and turn it into a cycle of love and understanding. 

On the 5th of October I will be running a marathon to show my support. Support me, support Syria and avoid a lost generation! Make your donation here:

For humanity

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  • concentrate on educating girls now

    educated mothers is the bet bet for the future

  • Great initiative!

    what other proposals or ideas to empower Syria's civil society?

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